Spotlight on the Bride - Samantha

We absolutely love watching someones wedding come together piece by piece. From the idea boards on Pinterest to the actual interpretation on wedding day. It's amazing!

Throughout the entire process, right in the center of it all, is the lovely Bride to be.

Well, we decided why not shine the spotlight on that lovely Bride even more!

Meet Samantha -

I mean how stunning is she? Take it from us she is beautiful inside and out! Not only is she getting married to her Cowboy Casanova, she's also becoming a military wife. Wowza - hats off to this amazing couple!

From day one Samantha has been a dream to work with. She's asked questions and listened to our professional guidance as we worked together to find her perfect look idea.

But it has been even more than that, she has included us in her planning and decisions as she's goes. Let me tell you that is an Honor!

We love to become your beauty bestie but we also enjoy being included as your wedding plans come together. Why you ask? From your color theme to your cake, from your venue to your dress selection, all of these things play a part in the total look on your wedding day. The hair and makeup should match you as a bride but also match with the rest of your wedding too!

Let's take a look at Samantha's Pinterest board shall we :)

Ok so here is the thing, I have to be honest, when my husband and I got married we just went to the court house and skipped all the planning and wedding with guests. It was simple and easy, but looking back I wish I had done the planning. With that said, the color scheme Samantha has is exactly what I would've done! Talk about a dream client!

The thing I absolutely love the most about Samantha is her organization to her wedding boards.

She has everything she wants laid out. I love being able to pop in and see the ideas she has. This allows us to find hair and makeup ideas that match her style and plan.

Samantha is straight up a Southern Belle in the Midwest and I love it!

When she said yes to her dress she emailed me and I could feel the excitement! The dress is absolutely the epitome of her personality! She even sent over some fun pictures. We won't show you her dress because we don't want to give away everything!

We talked about her makeup and hair and came up with some amazing ideas. Once we narrowed it down, I knew that this was going to be one of most memorable weddings we've done!

We've still got some time till wedding day for Samantha but we are so excited about watching the planning process and having the opportunity to help where we can.

At the end of the day we aren't just makeup and hair artists, we're a resource to all our clients and we want to help ensure your big day is absolutely phenomenal!

Stay tuned for more on Samantha and her wedding in 2020!