How to relax during wedding planning

Wedding planning can be super stressful, but it should also be a time of joy and excitement. Finding ways to relax during the planning process is super important for your sanity! Here are a few ways to help relieve a bit of that stress during wedding planning.

Prioritize! You have a lot to plan for your wedding, it can be very overwhelming for some. So it is super important to prioritize your list. Find a checklist that breaks down your wedding planning into a timeline to ease some of your stress. There isn't a need to do everything at one time. Break it down and put the most important things to you at the top of the list. Of course, the easiest way to relieve some stress is to hire a wedding planner. I mean they are experts at planning weddings ;)

Make the time to take a walk, or just sit with your future spouse a few times a week. Let this time serve as an opportunity to discuss decisions that need to be made. But try not to let the wedding talk dominate all of your conversations outside of this designated time. Your relationship will be better for it! You will most definitely be hit with a ton of ideas from family and friends about how, when, where, what, etc for your wedding. Guess what though, it is YOUR wedding! Do not stress yourself out trying to make everyone else happy. This is your special day and no matter what your family and friends will enjoy and celebrate with you.

Side note - delegate, delegate, delegate. You may be superwoman and wonder woman rolled into one, but even those lovely ladies had people to help them. You are not alone. Put your family and friends to work for you. They will love being a part of this journey.

Choosing the right vendor team for you is key! The right team of professionals can either work extremely well together or they could potentially not communicate at all. It's important to have vendors that can work together! This can create a rockstar lineup that has your back and will work cohesively to make your wedding day legendary!

And our last little note for you is - Plan early & use a realistic budget! The couples that are the least stressed during wedding planning are the ones that allow themselves plenty of time and set a realistic budget. Trying to plan a wedding last minute or without setting a solid budget can create a stress storm. Take your time, don't rush it, stick to your budget, and be ok with saying no and making adjustments as you go.

Your wedding will be amazing, we promise!

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