Bridal Beauty Tips: How to Master Your Wedding Beauty Trial

Your wedding day beauty look may be the most important makeup & hair of your life! You want to make sure that when you select a bridal beauty artist, or team, that they will deliver a look you can be in awe of every time you look at your wedding pictures. So, finding an artist that offers a trial run or preview is extremely important!

Keep reading for tips on what to ask, what to bring, and what things you should always remember.

9-12+ Months before Your Wedding

Collect inspiration images!

Pictures of models and celebrities are often retouched, but they are great to use as inspiration and will help guide your artist interview.

Tip: Find three images of yourself that you absolutely adore. Provide these images to your artist, as well. Don’t forget to explain what you love about the pictures (e.g. I love how the eye shadow brings out the color of my eyes).

Schedule preliminary phone consults with multiple artists. Show them the inspiration photos and ask the following questions:

1) How long have you been doing bridal work?

2) What do you love about doing bridal work?

3) Can I see your portfolio or images of what you’ve done?

(Look at their images and ask yourself if it matches your style)

4) How do you go about choosing your look for each bride?

5) What brands of makeup do you use? (You want to make sure your artist uses professional products that are made to last)

6) Do you have a capability of doing my entire wedding party?

7) Do you do off-site weddings? If I hire you, will you stay all day? How much will this cost me?

8) How do you clean & sanitize your brushes between clients? (They should have an educated answer that includes using an EPA approved cleaner/sanitizer; don’t risk getting any yucky germs!)

9-6+ Months before Your Wedding

Schedule your trial and book your artist. You want to make sure you don’t get left with a limited selection on your artist. Most professional, and quality artists, get booked pretty far in advanced. To get the artist you really want you’ll need to book and schedule your trial as soon as possible.

1) Ask your artist if you can try multiple beauty looks, also ask if there are additional fees for additional trials.

2) If your artist cannot stay all day for your wedding, ask what they do to guarantee your look will last through your reception.

3) Wearing a white top or one that is the same shade as your wedding dress will help give you a better idea of how your vision will look with your dress later.

4) Take pictures with and without flash. This will help you determine how you’ll look in different lighting.

5) Make sure your artist has a system for notating your beauty plan - you don’t want them to just wing it later!

3 Things to Remember

1) Bridal looks should be timeless and fit your character. 20 years from now you should be able to look back at the pictures and still feel like your look was beautiful and fitting.

2) Groom the groom! Often, the groom gets overlooked or doesn’t consider the option of being groomed by a professional on wedding day. He should look good in the pictures too! Ask your artist if they offer an option for the Groom as well.

3) Ask for what you want! Your wedding day is considered one of the most important days of your life, so don’t hesitate to ask your artist for the exact look you want, and if you don’t like part of the look, make sure to speak up. Allow your artist the opportunity to educate you as well so that your look not only comes out phenomenal but suits you like the perfect dress!

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