Benefits of a Facial You Can’t Get at Home!

Facials are primarily considered a luxury, but the skin is the largest organ of the body - so shouldn’t it receive the same level of attention & care as any other major organ?

There are so many benefits of seeing a professional and getting facials, but we've put together some key major benefits of a facial that you can’t get at home on your own!

safe + sanitary extractions

It can be difficult to resist the urge to pick + squeeze at your face when you see a bump or blackhead. Despite your best efforts not to, you still do it - and it leaves your skin worse off than if just left it alone. A professional will handle your extractions properly and you still get the satisfaction of empty pores without risking redness, scarring or further spreading of bacteria.

quality formulas

Let’s face it over-the-counter products are formulated for the masses and feature mainly filler ingredients. That is why we use Bioelements Professional Skin Care. Bioelements has a high standard of integrity in their formulations, including:

  • NO artificial colorants

  • NO synthetic fragrance or perfume

  • NO parabens, DEA or phthalates

  • NO harsh irritants

  • NOT tested on animals

  • Dermatologist, ophthalmologist, and clinically tested for safety & efficacy

Not only are the products used in facials professional grade with active ingredients, the pro-strength clinical formulas can also be custom blended to further target your specific skin concerns. Not just during the treatment but for your at-home products as well.

And because the skin is always changing, products will eventually change too, making it important to consult a professional on a regular basis to ensure your routine is treating your most current skin concerns.

Skin varies so much from person to person that someone with similar dryness concerns could have other skin issues contributing to their particular dryness, so what is recommended to you may actually be more detrimental than helpful to others. Similarly, just because you struggled with acne a few months ago and used products created for acne doesn’t necessarily mean you should keep following the exact routine - it may be too harsh now that your breakouts have subsided.

Getting custom care tailored to your exact skin concerns shouldn’t be a tall order. That’s why we don't believe in off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all skincare. We do a thorough consultation & analysis of your skin before proceeding with any treatment. Every treatment is made exclusively for you. We are able to enhance your facial with Custom Blends to target specific skin concerns, increasing its effectiveness. This is one major benefit of a facial! Ultimately a combination of your personalized skincare in the treatment room and at home will be the key to lasting results.

human connection

It’s not only about skin care - the sensorial experience & the physiological benefits of a professional facial are incomparable. From the facial massage to the connection you create with your professional, there is a certain comfort that comes from being understood and the compassionate nature of their practice - whether it's conversational, educational or physical.

“You cannot replace human touch.”

expertise + wisdom

The #1 benefit from a professional treatment? It is just that, professional - performed by a licensed specialist with education in skin function & health. Would you trust yourself touching exposed electrical wires in your home? No, you'd hire a professional electrician!

The techniques of a trained, licensed professional will always triumph anything you may stumble upon while browsing the internet or hearing through word of mouth. Professionals provide thorough information so you don’t end up picking pretty packaging at a store or listening to someone’s well-intentioned but misguided advice online because it might only exacerbate your issues.

It's always better to see a professional about skin concerns than guessing at a store, using the wrong combo of products and creating a bigger issue than what you started with.

So let's get you scheduled for your custom blended facial! Contact us today!


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